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   Do you suffer from chronic pain? Is it keeping you from pursuing your passion, or reaching your highest potential? Getting you back to your best you is Brandi's passion. She is a coach, an athlete and a caregiver, therefore she understands the set backs and stress that comes along with injuries and chronic pain.

     Brandi Jacobson is a passionate, highly driven, and knowledgable licensed massage therapist that is a 2nd generation Bend local. She was a competitive gymnast for 9 years making it to level 10, she retired from the sport in 2013 and began coaching in 2014. As an athlete and coach specializing in gymnastics she understands the importance of discipline and taking care of the body and mind. She opened Highest Potential Massage Therapy in April of 2016, after graduating from the COCC Massage therapy program. Her goal is to help you get back to doing what you love, whether that be allowing your body and energy to keep up with your kids, participating in competition, or being able to hike to the top of every mountain in the Cascades! She is devoted to her client's health and well-being and is committed to providing excellent service that is geared to help you achieve your goals. She is trained in Swedish, Therapeutic, and Sports massage as well as  Gua Sha, and Fire Cupping therapies! She is also available to do chair massage at your office or event, she has worked with several local businesses and at events such as Relay for Life and Brew Fest.



Sports massage is great for athletes of any level! Sports massage is used to stimulate muscles before or during competition. After competition or exercise, sports massage circulates cellular debris to help expel them from your body; making recovery faster and much more enjoyable. Sports massage is an interactive approach using contract-relax stretching and other techniques that require the client to participate!

Cupping is a therapy that uses glass or silicone cups to create a negative pressure on your skin. This pulls the connective tissue from the muscles creating room for blood and toxins to circulate to be released from muscles through the lymphatic system. This will also release muscle tension, break up adhesions and hold pressure on trigger points. Cupping is also great for athletes, it can increase range of motion in joints before competition, and afterwards help expel toxins for a quick recovery!


Swedish massage is a great way to reduce stress while making your body feel great. It is a slow rhythmic technique with lighter pressure to calm the nervous system while releasing tension in muscles.


Therapeutic Massage is a deeper approach to therapy with some deep tissue techniques to work on spot specific problems or the whole body!


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