What is Fire Cupping and how does it work?

Those purple marks might look scary but there is so much more going on beneath the marks that might soon make them the new fashion!

Cupping is a therapy that uses glass or silicone cups to create a negative pressure on your skin. This pulls the skin and fascia from the muscles creating room for blood and toxins to circulate and get released from muscles through the lymphatic system. This will also release muscle tension, break up adhesions and hold pressure on trigger points. This is a form of myofascial release,

the different colors of the marks mean different degrees of stagnation in your muscles. The darker the color the more stagnation you have. We want to get the blood, toxins and excess fluids out of there and into the lymphatic system so they can be expelled!

Chinese Medicine is all about balance the Yin and Yang. As you can see in the picture to the right the cupping marks only really showed up on the right side of her body. Humm... curious. Before the client began the cupping session the right side of their back was risen, when the client was laying face down the right hip would not touch the table. The cupping marks show that the left and right sides of her body were imbalanced. The right had excess and the left didn't have enough so the cups pulled out the extra and by the end of the session the client's hip was almost back on the table. Obviously one session isn't going to fix a chronic issue but the results can clearly be seen even to the naked eye.

What to know before you come:

Before signing up for a cupping session consider what you are going to be doing after your appointment. If it is summer time make sure you are not going outside in the sunshine or going to a lake or pool party! These marks need to be covered for at least 48-72 hours after the session. Consider your wardrobe when thinking about keeping them covered if you are getting your neck done make sure you bring a scarf to cover after! Come to your session hydrated! It's way easier to stay hydrated then to get hydrated, cupping will be releasing cellular debris and toxins from your muscles and you want to get them out of your body quickly so that you don't get as sore or tired. If you are needing to have skin showing for any certain reason let your therapist know before hand so that your cupping marks wont be showing, although it is a great conversation starter!

After care:

Cupping marks must be covered for about 48-72 hours from sun or wind and extreme temperatures. Do not get into lakes, public pools, or hot tubs, if you would like to take a bath make sure the water is not too hot or too cold, body temperature would be best! Your marks may stick around a few days or a few weeks, depending on severity. Drink a lot of water to help everything that gets into your lymph and blood get out easier. You may feel sore the next day, like you worked out but the more water you drink and if you take it easy after your session you can help avoid these feelings!

If you have any other questions please let me know and lets get our cupping on!

Brandi Jacobson LMT#22000



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